Sunday, April 10, 2011

Forty-Eight Hour Sonnet

Last year, the blog started off with Bill Kendrick, Jessica Viens and myself posting over the course of the festival weekend.  This year, we're starting the action a little earlier, with posts from filmmakers about the shorts you'll be seeing at the festival.  I'll get the ball rolling with some information about my own little movie.

Forty-Eight Hour Sonnet

Animation and Sound by Kathryn Hepburn

From: Dawson City, Yukon

The Inspiration:  The weekend before KIAC's 48 Hour Film Competition, I took an animation workshop with our film festival's fearless leader, Dan Sokolowski.  He gave me some great advice--"Don't sneeze!"--and at the end of the weekend, I looked at the film I made and had to decide that the plastic stegosaurus definitely detracts from some rather lovely painting (see what I mean on YouTube).  So when I entered the competition, I decided to continue working with the paint-on-glass techniques that I loved from the previous weekend--this time around using children's finger-paints and cheapie watercolours rather than dry tempera paint and water-soluble oils.  It was lots of fun to play with the finger-paints, and somehow I managed to do it without getting paint on the camera or my laptop.  The soundtrack for my Forty-Eight Hour Sonnet was borne of necessity--it was, at first, merely a solution to copyright issues.  It just somehow worked out better than I'd even imagined it, and the sound of my layered recitations of Shakespeare's Sonnet #56 (recorded using the voice memo function on my iPod touch) still surprises me.  My lo-fi/high art mix was appreciated by the competition's judges as well, and to my shock and delight I was co-winner of the competition, alongside Evan Rensch and Aubyn O'Grady's wonderful Soft Spoken.

Forty-Eight Hour Sonnet will be showing at the Out of the Cold: Yukon Emerging Artists screening on Sunday afternoon at 1 pm.

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