Sunday, April 4, 2010


I had been a little worried that I wouldn't be able to be able to come up with anything to say on this blog, but so many amazing things keep happening... I have way too much material and not enough time to write. There is, for instance, a great post about Stefan and Kath inviting me back to McCauley House last night after the risque Midnight Magic screening (Dawson rumor mill: do your worst!) and how I could not stop laughing (until things got serious and names like Barthes and Foucault got tossed around). But there's no time! I actually don't even have time to write the post I want to write about Marv's workshop this morning and how his film Postalolio is deceptively complex and way more challenging than it initially appears and perhaps could even be said to theorize about how we perceive film. All I have time to say is that this morning Marv told me that he likes my cowboy boots and now I never, ever want to take them off ever again.

Gotta run: Karen's workshop is up next.

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meg w said...

Karen Hines' workshop was a treat, did you get to it on time? what did you think?
For those who weren't there, Karen described "Frankenstiening Fiim" - a process of working art from the wreckage of errors (such as adjusting a super8 camera to extra-wide lens setting, sorry I don't know the exact technical term, and then finding that only 3 of the 20 films shot actually had usable footage on them).
What a great speaker. I was inspired by her humour & also just the hard work & commitment she made of keeping the artistic standards of her films high despite camera problems, a dead raccoon under her Toronto house (no mean feat given the resulting smell and flies), a tree falling over on her parents' house when she was working on her script, & a list of other events that she told with warm humour.
Big thanks to DCISFF for bringing her up.