Friday, April 2, 2010


Friday, April 2nd

First dutiful blog entry composed early in the morning (12 pm).

Well, made it through the first day of Film Fest, and was certainly NOT taken for fool, no sir, not this year. Last night (Thursday) was the jump off for this film festival madness, and the champagne to strike the boat was film by ADOPTED LOCALS Katherine Berger and Stefan Popescu. The film they created in Dawson two years ago called Nude Study was a trip, every kind of trip I can imagine, excluding positively lucid. The subject matter they touched on in the film was WIIIIILD –from the Momz dyin’ of the terminal cancer, to the beautiful muse being done from behind by her husband’s skeeze friend. Well, those are both rather tragic, now that I’ve listed them so linearly. But, alas! The film did not wreak of sorrow, or misdoings. Through employment of experimental film techniques, and using a bunch of cuts of some of the most beautiful footage I’ve ever seen (such as ginger cat stealing away a house rabbit from the grass for its lunch!) Nude Study, for all it’s dark bits manages to remain an optimistic film in my memory. What, you want a synopsis? Forget about it. It’s already in existence, in the festival booklets! PICK UP A BOOKLET. They are large! And FREE! And endlessly helpful in navigating the activities coming in the near future.

A couple of things Dan (Our Noble Leader, in all things film. If we were in the Sahara, Dan would lead us to water. Follow Dan.) mentioned last night, at the screening: there’s some contests going on, over this weekend. Yer first contest is to spot the hat! Dan will be wearing a different hat each day, and you are meant to catalog them, record them, present your recordings on the last day, and receive a FABULOUS prize! Second contest: there will be on film that will have a Bombay Peggy’s logo planted in it… spot the logo, report it to your officials, win DRINKS. No word of a lie. Third contest: Along the lines of the second, another film will have a drink? A drink, I think. I sort of misunderstood this one, but say you see a film with a drink reference, that may or may not remind of the DOWNTOWN… well, report it, because it could get you drinks at the DOWNTOWN!

I didn’t get to the hockey film afterward, because April 1st is moving day in Dawson, if your name is Jessica Viens, and so you see, my fates were written.

(Also my friend had a PUNK BIRTHDAY PARTY, which was pretty cinematic in and of itself.)

LASTLY, there was a FRIENDLY encouragement to show up HALF AN HOUR early if you want to hit the concession –it’ll be open, and you’ll allow the films to start on time, which is important, it’s a packed schedule.

Don’t forget about the one minute film contest, too. Free stuff, just saying.

Over and out.

Your friendly neighbourhood correspondant,
Alexander Keith

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