Saturday, April 3, 2010

So Many Films, So Little Time

Here’s what my day looks like today: prep for making my one minute film; attend brunch at McCauley house; make one minute film; volunteer at twelve o’clock NFB screening; attend two o’clock youth screening at SOVA; attend Midday Magic screening at KIAC; 7 pm screening; 9:30 pm screening; 11:30 pm screening. Clearly I can be something of a completionist. It’s not good enough to go to just a couple of the screenings: I have to see them all. I do wish that the clone I’m making of myself in the mini-laboratory underneath my bed was ready now, because it’s killing me that at 2 pm and 4 pm today I am going to have to miss screenings because I will be at other screenings. It’s brutal. (What’s also brutal is that I will be spending about twelve hours watching films today. Awesome, but brutal. I wonder if I’ll actually make it to them all or if I will just end up at Peggy’s crying into a martini.)

Yesterday was great: in the afternoon, Chris Landreth taught a fascinating master class about his own particular blend of technology and psychology. I followed this up with a nap, so that I was well-rested to catch the evening’s screenings: Yukon and Beyond, By The Light of the Moon and Strange Things Done. There were too many good films screened yesterday to mention them all here. Stand-outs for me included 10North exquisite cadaver project and Miles to Go, by our own Evelyn Pollock; Attack, Decay, Sustain, Release, The Art of Drowning, and Love on the Line from the outdoor screening; and The Wild the Untamed, The Black Dog’s Progress and Tu(A)Mor from the Strange Things Done screening.

More to come... but right now I need to start working on my film!

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