Friday, April 2, 2010

Crazy Town, Indeed

I was definitely surprised at the film festival last night. I didn't really know what Nude Study was all about, but knowing Stefan and Kath as two nice, laid-back individuals, I wouldn't really have expected them to create a film with so much violence and sex. Watching Nude Study was kind of a shock to the system for me, and I think other audience members felt the same: the little old lady who was sitting in front of me at the beginning of the film wasn't there at the end, and I heard one guy say "I need a stiff drink after that" as he was leaving the ballroom when the film was over. So: shocking, yes--but also good. It was difficult subject matter approached with artistry and intelligence, and portrayed by excellent performances from the actors involved (many of whom, it must be noted, were amateurs). My enjoyment of the film was rounded out by a long discussion with Stef and Kath about the film over martinis at Peggy's. We covered a lot of ground: the editing process, the Dawson City shown in the film, funding, horror, experimental film, selling out... I was nervous to bring up Georges Bataille, but really shouldn't have been, considering Stefan's enthusiasm for him. I hope other movie-goers in Dawson this weekend will enjoy every opportunity available to meet with filmmakers, and ask them about their work. It just adds so much to the viewing experience.

Before I made it to Peggy's and that great discussion, there were two more films to watch. Five Hole: Tales of Hockey Erotica, a short about unrequited love and hockey, neatly bridged the gap between the subject matter of Nude Study and the third film of the evening, The Hockey Nomad.

I'm really not much of a hockey fan, but the kind of passion expressed in The Hockey Nomad is always compelling: you can't help but be interested and excited when it is obvious that a filmmaker cares so much about the topic he is working with. Dave Bidini is clearly all about the hockey. And of course, it wasn't just about hockey: it was also a travel narrative, taking the viewers to the United Arab Emirates, Romania and Mongolia; and at the same time, the film broached the subjects of culture, politics and identity. Despite the subtext, it was still a nice light ending to the evening.

I know you're not really here to read about the movies, though. You want the gossip. Well... I'm not going to name any names, but there is a certain local filmmaker who challenged a certain local film enthusiast to see who will gain more notches in her belt, as it were, this weekend. There may be a cat-fight brewing, but in the meantime: Gentlemen, if any lady asks you to step up to the plate and help her win this throw-down, you know what to do.

XOXO, Film Girl.

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